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Launched in 2015, Traverse Blog is a Chicago-based blog focused on empowering professional young people to maximize their food and travel adventures at home and abroad through thorough and thoughtful planning.

One of Traverse Blog’s core beliefs is that travel writing should reflect what travel is really like — entertaining, eye-opening, awe-inspiring — and challenging. This blog highlights stories of travel with a strong emphasis on meaningful experiences, sustainable food, and socially responsible activities for career-focused travelers with limited time-off.

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Who is the Traverse Blog Reader & Follower?

My readers are a lot like me and they seek mindful, beautiful, and socially-responsible experiences when they travel. Traverse Blogs’ readers love to eat delicious food, try new things, and experience off-the-beaten path destinations.

Writing a mixture of personal stories, practical how-to’s and planning advice from over 15 years of international travel experience, Traverse Blog is an informative and authentic brand of travel empowerment.

Traverse Blog focuses on visual storytelling through captivating photos and videos. Content is shared across multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Facebook.

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