Where I’ve Eaten

Charlotte, North Carolina

wpid-20150626_185749.jpg wpid-img_20150625_113906.jpg wpid-20150626_200631.jpg

Chicago, Illinois

25 Degrees Lou Malnati’s Pizza
Analogue  Lula Cafe
Au Cheval Owen & Engine
Bangers & Lace Revolution Brewery
Bang Bang Pie Shop  Same Day Café
Billy Sunday Southern
Boarding House Scofflaw
Bongo Room Sink | Swim
Boiler Room Slurping Turtle
Chop Shop Smoke Daddy
Cozy Noodles n’ Rice Stan’s Doughnuts 
Dove’s Luncheonette  Sultan’s Market
Farmhouse Table, Donkey Stick
Jam Taco Joint
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Taxim 
Logan Bar Wasabi 
Longman & Eagle  Watershed

wpid-20150814_182721.jpg wpid-20150618_190048.jpg dove luncheonetter chicken fried chick

Madison, Wisconsin

Red Sushi 10917294_784018965006484_1701216694130349157_n Vietnamese Lunch

Nashville, Tennessee

20150524_182314 20150523_154322 20150525_130420

Portland, Oregon

wpid-20150930_153646.jpg wpid-20151001_121601.jpg wpid-20150930_165155.jpg


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