Travel Videos

After seeing some amazing travel videos and inspiring shots, I decided to make an effort to start filming more of my journeys or using existing videos to create short clips of my journeys. In order to better capture my experiences and make them more interesting for people to follow, I’ve been trying my hand at making videos. I know they are nothing professional since I’m completely self-taught (and most definitely amateur), but I hope that give you a feeling of what my journeys are like.

Highlights from My Favorite Destinations

Get a snapshot of what it’s like to visit my favorite destinations — in less than 90 seconds!

Explore the World with Me!

Take a glimpse into my travel moments with these short-form videos all about specific moments from abroad!

Sharing Stories from Abroad

Go in-depth into my travel adventures with these long form videos about my some of my most impactful international experiences.

Interested in checking out all of my travel videos? Hop on over to my YouTube channel to see more!


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