About the Author

Nice to meet you! I’m Megan :)

I am a travel and food obsessed Midwesterner living in Cologne, Germany and dreaming of the world. At only 30 years old, I am lucky to have traveled quite a bit — 6 continents, 55 countries and countless cities. I have been blogging for about 9 years now, capturing stories and food adventures from my travel journeys.

Since I was young, I’ve had a sense of adventure and desire to explore the world. And now as an adult, I am a full-fledged travel junkie! Because I spend a majority of my time in Chicago, I have to find creative and unique ways to integrate my passion for travel into my daily routines.

From trying new cuisines to listening to international podcasts, I aspire to have new experiences a part of my every day life. And then once I’ve saved up enough vacation days, I am quickly headed off to new international and domestic destinations!

I love the feeling of landing in a totally foreign place and just figuring it out. I thrive in this constant state of physical and mental flux, regularly seeking out change throughout my life.

Since my first time abroad in 2000, traveling became ingrained in my persona. It is no longer something I do; it is something I am. Exploring the world and learning about its ways is inspiring, exciting, and nerve-wrecking all at once.

Visiting other cultures and seeing beautiful landscapes inspires me and traveling has made me the person I am today; yet, with each new experience, I find myself changing. And always in ways I don’t expect! Exposing oneself to other cultures and lifestyles impacts your worldview, opinions and interactions in a way that cannot be replicated through any other method of learning.


20 Random Facts About Me

1 — I have an analytical mind. I try look at everything from multiple perspectives in order to better understand the situation.

2 — I have a severe phobia of closed shower curtains. I’m always scared someone will be hiding behind it ready to stab me. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” really took a toll on my psyche.

3 — My all-time favorite band is The Beatles. They speak to me in a way no other band ever has. They are my musical soulmate. Every time I listen to them, I feel like they are talking to me and telling the story of my life. Seeing Paul McCartney live in concert is one of my top 10 favorite experiences. EVER.

4 — I’m not afraid to be vulnerable, open & honest. I put my all into everything I do even if it means I can or will get hurt.

5 — I can’t turn down desserts. I have a serious sweet tooth!

6 — I believe that gratitude and modesty are the best qualities a person can have.

7 — I used to not like animals… and then I got cats. Now I’m totally obsessed. My fur babies bring me endless amounts of joy, and I can’t imagine my life without them now. I’m officially a cat lady!

8 — I love clothes! Period. It’s kind of a problem. But starting in 2017, I stopped buying newly produced clothing so everything I wear is second-hand, vintage or previously used. In fact, I have a whole separate blog for my style if you’re interested in seeing what I wear!

9 — Fall will eternally be my favorite season. Growing up in the Midwest, I developed an appreciate for the colors, smells and temperatures of autumn. Plus, the fashion is great!!!

10 — Even though I’m miserable at it, I love to dance! It makes me feel free. I have recently fallen in love with DayBreakers and I go every month in Chicago!

11 — I rarely leave my house without some type of jewelry. I feel naked without it.

12 — I often take things too personally, even if I pretend I don’t care.

13 — I sing along to music all the time. I rarely know the words, so I usually make a fool of myself!

14 — I can’t stand it when people say they don’t care about politics because usually they’re just scared of defending their opinion. I am particularly ashamed of how many millennials are apathetic towards politics. Young people used to be the lifeblood of political change, and unfortunately now, they just don’t seem to care.

15 — My love language is words of affirmation. I like hearing nice things about myself, and it makes me feel validated.

16 — I played tuba in the middle school band. I wanted to be “different”. It was so big, I couldn’t even hold the thing! Needless to say, it wasn’t my calling.

17 — I don’t know how to shut off my mind. I can’t not think. I have an overactive imagination.

18 — The first thing I notice when I meet someone new is their smile.

19 — I met my husband when I was 6 years old. He was my high school sweetheart, which to this day, still weirds me out. I never pictured myself as someone who would be married at at young, but I also feel so incredibly grateful to have my best friend by my side through life.

20 — Being in the mountains is my spirit place.

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