7 Destinations in Egypt You Have to Visit Besides the Pyramids

What is the first thing you picture when you think of Egypt? Let me guess…. the Pyramids of Giza? I think that is what comes to most peoples’ minds when they envision a vacation in Egypt. And rightfully so, the Pyramids are a wonder of the world! 

But you might be curious if there is anything else to see in Egypt, right? Admittedly before my trip to Egypt, I knew hardly anything about other historic sites  because the Pyramids of Giza are just so iconic! It’s normal for people to only be familiar with those, but once I started digging into my Intrepid Travel itinerary, I discovered that there were so many other amazing cultural and historic sights to explore in Egypt besides the Pyramids. 

Get a glimpse into some of my favorite Egyptian destinations in this travel video:

Egypt is a country that understands how important preserving their history is — tourism is one of their top industries — so it’s dedication to historical preservation means that there are more museums and ancient temples that you might think. I was surprised how quickly a travel itinerary can fill up with just visits to ancient sites! 

Here are 7 places I recommend visiting in Egypt besides the pyramids with links to past posts I wrote about each of them!

  1. Library at Alexandria
  2. Egyptian Museum  
  3. Hatshepsut Temple
  4. Philae Temple
  5. Abu Simbel
  6. Karnak Temple
  7. Valley of the Kings

Read the full list of my 7 recommended destinations to visit within Egypt besides the pyramids in my latest collaborative post with Intrepid Travel.

Curious what else there is to visit in Egypt besides the Pyramids? You might be surprised to learn that there is a lot of amazing history to travel to Egypt for. Find this travel blogger's 7 favorite spots to see in Egypt besides the Pyramids!

Author: Megan Arz

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