What I Ate: Raleigh, NC


Heading into my long weekend in Raleigh, I knew we would be doing a lot of eating. Basically, that’s all we would be doing…. We had a few other plans, but they were mainly to break up the bourdaining and eating excursions we had planned!

I got feedback from locals & experts alike to find the best spots in the city to eat, making myself a custom Google map (scroll to the bottom to see it!) to guide our culinary adventures. And I can happily report back that we had some awesome meals while in North Carolina’s capital city!

Here’s a Recap of What I Ate in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Café Lucarne — 309 Blake St

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the City Market, Café Lucarne is a bright and airy café serving up some tasty French inspired brunch. You’ll order at the counter, and then pick a cozy spot to relax, along with a French press (or 3). I went with the daily Benedict, which for Sunday included a lamb chorizo, red pepper relish, classic hollandaise and flash fried baby kale salad on top of a fresh made biscuit. Simple & delicious, this is a place where you could order anything on the menu and be happy.


The Pit — 328 W Davie St

Referred to us by locals as the best BBQ place in the city, I was really excited about having dinner at the Pit. The large restaurant is located in the up and coming warehouse district of Raleigh, and is great spot to go for dinner because there is tons to walk around and explore afterwards. Because Sam & I are meat lovers, we both decided to order a Double Combo so we could try 4 different meats along with 4 different sides. I went for the pulled pork and chopped pork while Sam got the fried chicken and beef brisket. All of the meats were incredible, but the highlights in my opinion were definitely the chopped pork and the fried chicken. The breading on the chicken was FANTASTIC and the chicken remained soo juicy. Such a satisfying piece of dark meat! I loved the chopped pork because it was acidic, slightly spicy and smoky. All the sides we had were delicious as well, but my favorite was definitely the mac ’n cheese.

Videri Chocolate Factory — 327 W Davie St

Just across the street from the Pit is Videri’s flagship store & chocolate factory. This is a great place to stop after dinner (for dessert!) or for a little pick-me-up in the middle of your day. You can go on a self-guided walking tour of the factory to learn about the chocolate making process and Videri’s history. Their chocolate room is open to viewers, so you can actually see the process in front of your eyes! I love the bean-to-bar story of Videri and how much they focus on high quality products. The best part of the tour though – sampling the chocolate! At the bar, you can sample a few different kinds of Videri’s chocolate or you can get a tasty drink made with chocolate like their sipping chocolate or mocha. My favorite of their chocolate bars was the 70% dark with sea salt. So creamy and smooth!


Trophy Brewing — 827 W Morgan St

Both a brewery and a pizza joint, Trophy Brewing was sold to us as “the best pizza in Raleigh”. Sam & I wanted to watch the Packer’s playoff game that night, and figured pizza would be a perfect accompaniment to the game! The restaurant itself isn’t large, but they have a great patio if the weather is nice. After trying a few of their beers, we ordered the Local Celebrity pizza. When it actually came out, we were so excited to eat it because the pizza smelled amazing! Roasted parsnip ricotta and fontina sat atop grape tomatoes, house cured pancetta and arugula on a hand-tossed crust. The crust was amazing – bubbly, crunchy and flavorful – while the toppings all worked so well together. Honestly, a super solid pizza all around. I would be happy to eat it again!

Boulted Bread — 614 W South St

A little out of the way but totally worth a visit, Boulted Bread is a great option for a quick breakfast. They’ve got a variety of fresh baked pastry options, as well as loaves of bread you can take home yourself. The shop is inside their bakery, so it smells amazing! We decided to order a few different things, including their savory breakfast croissant with ham & cheese, their bread pudding muffin and sweet roll. The croissant was incredible, I can’t overstate how much I enjoyed it. It was so buttery & flakey, but the filling was salty and satisfying. Boulted Bread actually has 5 stars on Google. That’s saying something!


Death & Taxes — 827 W Morgan St

Definitely our best meal in Raleigh, I absolutely loved every dish I ate at Ashley Christensen’s restaurant. I would highly recommend coming here if you are new to Raleigh, as it’s a great window into the local cuisine and chef culture. An open concept restaurant with a specialty for wood-fired dishes, we opted for a bar seat giving us a full view of all the action in the kitchen. It was right in front of the fired grill, so we could see everything being cooked!

We started off our meal with the bone marrow and baked oysters. The bone marrow was topped with pickled shallots and fried capers that made it taste really bright and well-balanced. The chili butter and lemon preserved baked oysters were also delicious; I even got Sam to enjoy them! For my main course, I opted for the chicken gnocchi which was everything I wanted and more. What really surprised me about this dish was how modern yet traditionally Southern it ate. It had common ingredients from the south like greens & chicken skin, but done in a new and elevated way, with the hearty broth bringing it all together. We finished off our meal with an incredible maple panna cotta that I totally loved!


Are you ready to have your own culinary adventures in Raleigh? Download my Google Map today to start planning your trip!

Did I miss any great spots? Share your suggestions below!

Author: Megan Arz

I am a travel and food obsessed Midwesterner living in Chicago and dreaming of the world. I work as a full-time program manager for Greenheart Travel, but I am also committed to integrating the travel lifestyle into my every day routines. I am passionate about ethical travel, meeting new people, creating unique memories and eating local cuisine!

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