Photo Essay: Street Art of Reykjavik

reyjavik street art

While wandering the quiet and quaint streets of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, I was struck by the variety and beauty of the street art. It seemed that around nearly every corner of the city lie an interesting mural or painting.

It was clear that there were lots of different artists creating the murals, because the styles were so vastly different. Some were colorful and whimsical, others were monochrome, others were dark and symbolic. There was so much storytelling, symbolism and intrigue in the various street art that it caught my attention.

Below are some snaps of a few of my favorite of the street art murals that I saw in Reykjavik:

reyjavik street art 7

reyjavik street art 6 reyjavik street art 5

reyjavik street art 4

reyjavik street art 3

reyjavik street art 2


reyjavik street art

Author: Megan Arz

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