Photo Essay: Our Wedding Weekend at Camp Wandawega


In September 2016, I married my long-time partner at the beautiful Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. We discovered this amazing venue on Instagram and fell in love with it during our first visit. We didn’t look at any other venues because we knew this was the one. We absolutely adored hosting our wedding there and it is a place that makes me feel truly inspired.

Note: I have mixed feelings about how social media has influenced people’s perceptions and motivations for sharing photos of weddings, engagements, babies (or really any big life event)…. In my experience, posting wedding photos seems to be more like a popularity contest or a “look at me, I’m such a put-together adult” contest than a show of genuine excitement about the marriage. I believe that posting wedding photos makes a lot of people feel bad about themselves if they don’t have a spouse or makes many married people jealous of how “awesome” other people’s weddings were. This constant state of one-upping or putting a glorified version of our personal lives online leads to a false sense of accomplishment and happiness. Adulting is hard — really hard — so let’s not pretend sh*t is easy by posting a false truth version of ourselves on social media.

With that in mind, I will not be sharing any photos of myself,  my husband, our wedding party or our guests out of respect for them and their privacy. Instead, I will share environmental shots of the beautiful scenery and details that surrounded us on the most special weekend of our life.

All photos below were taken by our wedding photographer, Anda Marie Photography, from Madison Wisconsin. If you like, you can see her blog post of our wedding here.


wedding-weekend-run-down  white-cabin-wandawega-racketswandawega-wedding-cake

Polaroid SNAP

wandawega-personalized-wine-bottle wandawega-details wandawega-camp-fire table-setting-wandawega table-setting-wandawega-wedding

Polaroid SNAP

seen-at-wandawega popcorn-baskets-wandawega-wedding photo-bus-wandawega-wedding mason-jars-wandawega-wedding kale-salad-wandawega-wedding-dinner flowers-at-wandawega-wedding drink-coolers-wandawega-wedding dresses-at-wandawega-wedding dinner-tables-wandawega details-wandawega-wedding couscous-dinner-at-wandawega-wedding car-wandawega camp-wandawega-treehouse camp-wandawega-great-room camp-wandawega-detail-shot

Love Anda Marie’s photography style? Find out how you can hire her for your next event at her website here.

Author: Megan Arz

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