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Naturally, one of the first things I’m exploring in my new neighborhood is the restaurant scene. Sam and I have made an effort to try one new place per week. With a bevy of delicious options, this challenge has not been hard. Here are a few of the nom noms that I’ve eaten in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

Wasabi — 2115 N Milwaukee Street

Without access to our weekly Red Sushi fix, me and Sam were in the market for a new sushi spot. Hands down, this was it. Plus they’ve got ramen and other Asian fusion items on the menu for those not so into the raw fish thing. Their ArtMex roll was amazing, stuffed full of goodies like Yellow Tail, avocado, and jalepeno, but I was also a big fan of Cubby Bear because you get that slightly charred taste from the seared tuna. Their Tuna Tartare was another crowd pleaser, especially considering how unique it tastes with the truffle oil.

Scofflaw — 3201 W Armitage Avenue

Marketed as strictly a bar (they check your ID when you enter!), Scofflaw is a secretly great spot for food too. Their gin focused drinks are spectacular, so definitely order one. I like any drinks with frothed eggs, like the one below. Although their menu is small, the first time I went there, I literally wanted almost every dish. That doesn’t usually happen for me. I settled for only a couple, including the bacon and fig stuffed croissants (AMAZEBALLS) and the bread pudding dessert (omg, to die for rich). Less than a half a block away from my condo, Sam and I will quickly become regulars in the winter.


Osteria Langhe 2824 W Armitage Avenue

Located on a blossoming stretch of Armitage Avenue, the cozy and modern Osteria Langhe is the best Italian spot in the neighborhood. Their seasonal menu largely focuses on Northern Italian cuisine and they offer a robust wine list with pairable suggestions. One of their signature items is the Plin (hand pinched cheese ravioli) and it is delicious. Definitely a must order! You can even order it to take home and cook yourself. Since their menu changes frequently, I can’t recommend specific dishes. But all of the secondi dishes I’ve had there have been amazing (I ordered the best shank I’ve ever had the last time I was there!) along with their tasty and simple desserts.

Billy Sunday — 3143 W Logan Blvd

This is my favorite cocktail bar in the neighborhood, because of the variety and friendly service. My favorite drink is probably the Gibson, but the Victorian is a close second. Their quirky letterpress menu is memorable, as is their delicious food! The menu changes vary frequently and it is mostly small portions, meant to accompany the drinks, but I loved the baked feta cheese and the chicken liver toast!

Parson’s Chicken & Fish — 2952 W Armitage Ave

One of the most popular and well-known spots in Logan Square, Parson’s is a hipster hang out with an amazing patio. Their menu is small and simple — fried chicken and southern cuisine favorites –and although I’ve had better fried chicken in my life, this spot is good enough and worth a visit if you’re looking for a fun place to enjoy some Chicago weather. Their patio is a 4 seasons patio which is a big draw for weekend crowds. In the winter, it has a small ice rink while in the summer, you can lounge under their red & white umbrellas for hours.

Photo courtesy of Parson's Chicken & Fish Chicago
Photo courtesy of Parson’s Chicken & Fish Chicago

Logan Bar & Grill– 2230 N California Avenue

Hungry right after work? This is a perfect place to hop off the El and grab something quick while you watch a Hawks or Cubs game. It has an open air beer garden for the summer time, which makes it feel like you’re sitting outside. Beware it might be loud with the El running by every 10 minutes. The food was pretty standard bar fare, but done well. I ordered a brat in a pretzel bun which was topped with housemade giardiniara, spicy mustard and a little roasted onion remoulade.

Revolution Brewing Company — 2323 N Milwaukee Ave

There are all of a sudden a lot of breweries opening up along Milwaukee Avenue, but Revolution is the original Logan Square spot. They offer a bevy of year round & seasonal craft beer options, as well as sizeable pub menu. Their food isn’t anything exceptional, but it hits the spot, especially after drinking a few beers. Think gastropub fare. I like their house pretzel (especially the cheddar fondue dipping sauce!) and the pork belly sandwich, plus their pizzas are pretty tasty . I’ve never really had exceptional service at Revolution, but it’s a great place to hang out and drink for several hours.

Photo courtesy of Chicago Now
Photo courtesy of Chicago Now

Longman & Eagle — 2657 N Kedzie Avenue

Home to one of Chicago’s Michelin Stars, Longman and Eagle is a farm-to-table inspired place with a flair of molecular gastronomy. It ain’t cheap, so this was a great spot to take my parents (nudge nudge). They dish up a seasonal menu small plate style so you can try a bunch of different things. Each dish we had was excellent, with incredibly creative combinations, such as a ricotta gnuddi with carrot-coconut jus or chicken roulade with a waffle puree. Each one had several different components including powders, gels and sauces. This is a great place to experiment with your palette!

Owen & Engine — 2700 N Western Ave

Described as a British pub, my expectations for this spot wren’t super high, to be honest. But I was totally impressed with the creativity on Owen & Engine’s menu! They’ve got lots of the crowd-pleasing British fare, but done with finesse and upgraded ingredient combinations. Take, for example, the bangers & mash. The sausage is made in house and varies daily, and they are served along side an entire bulb of perfectly roasted garlic, super creamy mashed potatoes and well-balanced cinnamon apples. Another favorite of mine was the carpacchio (seen below), served with dried and aerated Parmesan orbs, micro greens and delightful other little treasures.


Boiler Room– 2210 N California Ave

If you’re a daily rider of the CTA, this is the first thing you’ll see as you step out of the California stop doors. Whenever I go in here, I immediately feel that I’m not cool enough to be a patron (it’s so hipster) but their pizza is fucking good, so it’s worth feeling out of place. Boiler Room specializes in thin crust pizzas with fresh, high quality ingredients and interesting flavor combinations. They do a different special each day, so there is always new flavors to try. They’ve also got a PBR, Jamo & pizza slice special that is a popular choice among the young folks. Cash only!

Table, Donkey and Stick — 2728 W Armitage Avenue

Although it’s hard to pick a favorite of the spots I’ve been in Logan Square, this might be it. This is one of the most creative and exciting menus I’ve seen in a long time, because there are so many unique combinations and ingredients that I haven’t tried before. They are most known for their “Wanderteller” items, which are basically a choose your own charcuterie board complete with liver mousse and blood sausage! Sam and I ordered 3 different of the meat item, as well as 2 cheeses. My favorite was definitely the liver mousse (which I can thank my parents for giving me that soft spot) but the Lardo with black garlic puree was a close second because the flavors balanced so well. We also ordered a few of the small and large plates including the highlight of the night, braised snails and pork belly (see right photo).

wpid-20150718_183621.jpg wpid-1437274823310.jpg wpid-20150718_182504.jpg

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