Rebranding my Social Media– Welcome to Traverse!

As part of my preparations for the WITS conference in late March, I have been working on the look and feel of my blog and other social media outlets. It’s a hard process to put yourself through, because I had to be really critical. I had to try and look at things objectively and really evaluate the effectiveness of my various online presences.

One of the big conundrums I faced through the process was all the different identities I had online. My blog, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, etc were all named different things. It was hard for people to find me online because nothing was unified. Plus, I have been contemplating the marketability of my different identities, and I thought it made a lot of sense to unite them all under one brand.

After a lot of deliberation and bouncing ideas off my social media savvy friends, I decided to pull the trigger and finally make the change. With a huge thanks to Meghan Roberts for inspiring the transformation, I am happy to announce my new and improved brand: Traverse!

  1. travel across or through.
  2. move (something) back and forth or sideways.

Inspired by my love of all things wanderlust, Traverse will catalog my journey through the worlds of travel and style. I will share my handmade work and adventures with my audience through many different mediums in the hopes of connecting with all the people who are interested in the spaces they prefer most.


I have officially united all of my social media platforms under the same name. Now you can see Traverse BlogTraverse Shop, Traverse Pinterest and Traverse Instagram all under the same simple and easy to remember name! I hope this will help improve my navigability, marketability and unity. Plus, all of the new links are rerouted, so if you’re still clicking my links, you should have no problem finding exactly what you’re looking for :)


I am so excited for this transformation and the learning process that I have gone through as I contemplated all of the changes. While I’m happy with the progress, there is always more improvement to be made. I hope to launch a logo over the next few weeks and I’m even printing personal business cards!

I am really looking forward to the WITS conference because this will provide me a constructive space to work through my many, many ideas with fellow bloggers. This is going to be a very exciting year for me and my blogging capabilities and I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!


Author: Megan Arz

I am a travel and food obsessed Midwesterner living in Chicago and dreaming of the world. I work as a full-time program manager for Greenheart Travel, but I am also committed to integrating the travel lifestyle into my every day routines. I am passionate about ethical travel, meeting new people, creating unique memories and eating local cuisine!

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