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One of the newest restaurants in Madison is Tory Miller’s new place, Sujeo. An Asian fusion restaurant, it’s located in the Constellation building which is only a few blocks from my house! Sam went there while I was abroad and raved about it, so I’ve really been looking forward to trying it. We walked over for lunch and were pleasantly created by a sun-drenched interior and modern decor. There were only a few people on staff and it was easy to get a table during lunch, even though its only been open for a few months.

I went with my mom, Sam and our family friend Marnie, so we decided to try a bunch of different dishes. We started with the Ssam which changes daily. It is a build your own bun plate, with 4 pork and 4 beef patties, and multiple different sauces and lettuce. The meat was so good and well seasoned, and I really loved the spicy sauce and kimchi mayo to go with the buns. But the buns were the best part! They were nicely steamed and soft, but also had a slight sweetness to them.

Pork DanDan Noodles
Pork DanDan Noodles

For our entrees, I got the Thai-style fried rice with crispy chicken skin, sauteed onions, and eggs served with green chili fish sauce. Sam got the delicious BBQ pan fried noodle with pork. The noodles were fried crispy and the sauce was spicy and sweet! We also got the jap chae which was really unique. It has sweet potato glass noodle topped with marinated steak, bell peppers, bacon, spinach, mushrooms in sweet soy sauce. This dish was sweet but balanced, and the glass noodles were flavorful but not obviously sweet potato. Marnie got the bibimbap, a Korean favorite. Served in hot stone bowl, it is filled with meats (today it was pork & beef) over a bed of vegetables, rice, & fried egg. Another favorite of the group was the pork dan dan noodles. This was probably my favorite of the dishes we had because the flavors were just so good and it felt so homey and comforting.

japchae noodle bowl


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