Wandering through the Peradenyia Botanical Garden

Rated one of the best botanical gardens in the region, Peradenyia did not disappoint in its beauty, value and variety. I loved strolling through the well maintained grounds of this botanical garden, letting the afternoon float away in relaxation and beauty. Only 8km outside of the city of Kandy, it’s another easy day trip (are you sensing a theme yet?) stop and with over 4000 varieties of plants, you’re bound to see a new plant and learn something new. I was so thankful that it was sunny and warm today, not a rain cloud in sight!

So off I went to Peradenyia. You are given a map right when you walk in, but the gardens have good foot paths and well-labeled signs, so it’s easy to navigate. I started in the spice garden, checking out all the spice indigenous to this region. Cinnamon, cardamom, and medicinal plants were the most common, and it was interesting to see how these every day spice actually grow. And the smells. Oh man, so delicious.

My next stop is the most famous portion of the gardens: the Orchid House. It contains a wide variety (probably about 40 different types) of orchids from around the tropics, all in bloom and well maintained. There were pink ones, purple ones, white ones, yellow ones and spotted ones. And in so many different shapes. Some were the classic type you see in the States, while others were larger, or tiny, or had more jagged petals.


As I continued on the walk, I strolled through the palm promenade, the arboretum and past the suspension bridge over the surrounded river. But I think my favorite part of the gardens was the ficus grove. These huge and weird looking trees have massive exposed roots that crawl out and around the trees, making it look spooky and out of a story book. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings! The roots just cross over each other like a spider web, coming all the way out to the path. So beautiful.

There were of course many other unique plants and trees, which are now alluding my memory. But it was such a romantic spot, and there were so many couples with their picnic baskets sitting beneath the trees. Adorable. It’s a peaceful oasis from the cars, pollution and noise, and a place where you can try to get an idea of the abundant life that used to grow naturally throughout Southeast Asia.

Author: Megan Arz

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