Greek Island Tour: Mykonos (Day 2)

Still hunkered down from the strong wind, we woke up early this morning from the rocking and rolling in the waves. Thankfully I don’t get affected too badly by motion sickness! But with an early morning start, today was a day filled with activity that still felt relaxing and laid-back. That’s a hard combination to achieve!

We started out with, yet another, delicious breakfast on the boat, complete with the usual fresh peaches, warm baked bread, fresh crepes, sausage and eggs. Sam and I hung around the boat for a while afterwards, tanning a bit and reading our books. I’m really getting into this King Killer Chronicles series, and Sam, having just reread it, keeps asking where I’m at. So now I’m motivated to keep clipping along.


We went into Ornos beach with the family and our newly arrived week 3 guests for a beach side lunch. Slightly sheltered by the mountains, we thankfully didn’t get a sand facial and the food was delicious. We sat down at Kostontina’s under a simple palm frond gazebo. People watching on the beaches here is top-notch, seeing everything from speedos, to topless women, to kids completely butt-naked. It is a sight to see! I ordered a delicious mushroom risotto that I savored endlessly.

Once the risotto was sufficiently digested, Sam & I headed into town with the Okenfels and the Goodman’s to explore the hora. Similar to many of the other Greek Islands we visited, the old town in Mykonos is white-washed with cobble stone streets and tiny alleyways packed with shops, bars and restaurants. However, Mykonos is much bigger and the winding alleys never quite seem to end, just wrapping around on each other. There are also lots of luxury shops here, including big designers like Louis Vitton, Dsquared, and Fendi. But if you keep at it, there are some adorable galleries and handmade jewelry shops to discover. Take a few hours to explore, because you are guaranteed to get turned around while looking for that perfect painting or evil eye necklace.While walking around today, I sported my Pakistani wide leg pants, thrifted denim top, my comfortable but hideous Merrel’s and some simple gold jewelry.

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