Greek Island Tour: Mykonos (Day 1)

We have arrived at our last port of call. A windswept wonderland in the heart of the Cyclades, Mykonos is known for many things. Luxury shopping, hundred year old windmills, globally known party scene, white sand beaches, white-washed architecture, celebrity sightings. Whatever it is you’re looking for in your vacation, Mykonos can probably offer it to you.

This time of year the island is blasted with strong winds from the north, known as the Meltemi winds. We had originally planned for an extra stop in between Paros and here, but the winds came early and the capitan wanted to get into port as quickly as possible. So off we went, and arrived in the port ahead of schedule. To me, that is the beauty of life on the water. You are on the island’s schedule, not yours, and you need to be flexible and ready to change plans on any given day.

In order to shelter ourselves from the wind, we anchored the boat at Ornos beach, rather than the central downtown harbor. And boy, am I thankful that capitan made that executive decision. There are still wind gusts of over 60 mph, but our little corner of the bay is fairly calm and makes for comfortable sleeping (although the tender ride in to the beach might get you a little splashed).

Since we arrived in the late afternoon, we decided to take it easy today and hang out on the boat. Just meters away from the boat is a wonderful beach and swimming area, so we took full advantage of the warm water. Sam, myself, my sisters and the Knudsvig’s went for an afternoon snorkel, and were surprised to see a decent amount of fish! Lots of urchins, some sea bream, a few colorful looking fish I couldn’t identify and some crustaceans. We also noticed lots of abandoned anchors and lines that have been overgrown by coral and weeds, so they looks really cool (and kind of spooky). For tanning and swimming, I’m sporting (yet another, I know) swimsuit. By Marc by Marc Jacobs, it is a wrap style one piece swimsuit with blue and purple stripes. It also has a deep V down the front, so it’s surprisingly sexy. A little risque for my normal taste, I figured “Why not, I’m in Greece!”. Plus the 60 year old ladies in string bikinis on the beach were working it, why can’t I!


My sisters with the capitan and first mate of the Dolce Mare
My sisters with the capitan and first mate of the Dolce Mare

IMG_0426 IMG_0409

Snorkel Time
Snorkel Time


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