Exploring Oia

Since we pretty thoroughly explored Fira yesterday, we opted to a 30-minute cab ride up to Oia on the northern edge of the island. This was our first view of Santorini when we arrived on the water, so it was good to explore it on foot.

In classical Greek island style, the entire town is white washed. We actually found out that it’s a city ordainance! More picturesque the Fira, it is also located up on the top of caldera rim, But it is also on the northern edge, so you can get a view of both the inner caldera and the outer Aegean Sea.


I found Oia to be more quaint with little nooks and crannies to explore. But it is also more up-scale and pricey. The art shops, clothing shops and restaurants seemed to be a little more expensive than other parts of the island. With that said, it is well worth a stophandmade pieces and local artists’ work. especially if you like collecting art. These galleries feature more Many of the famous sites and pictures you see of Santorini are taken in Oia, including the blue roofed churches, bell towers and ocean views.


In typical Megan fashion, I wanted to wear something special for all the pictures today. I wanted to wear my “Greece” dress, which I have been saving for this day!! By Dolce Vita, I wore a maxi dress on a white fabric with blue pattern. It has two large slits on the side, and the back features some lovely little cutouts. I’m also wearing my simple Brighton silver hoops and a couple silver rings.
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