Ship Life on the Dolce Mare in the Greek Islands


Meaning “the sweet sea”, life is easy on this beautiful boat. Each day, I wake up to the waves of the ocean and the sun shining on deck. The water in this part of the Med is so clear and you can see so deep into the water even just leaning over the side of the boat. Each day feels a little the same and a little different. We start the morning off right with a big European style breakfast. Complete with a daily rotation of different olives, veggies, eggs and cheese, we are always stuffed by the end! In my family, eating is a big deal so this breakfast is far from a disappointment.

The boat has a permanent staff of 7 who are there for us day and night, and boy, do they treat us like kings. With 12 people to serve all asking for different things, these folks are amazing and deserve all the credit for making this vacation truly special and relaxing for us. Rose, the main attendant, serves our breakfast, lunch, cocktails and dinner. Bless her soul, she is just the sweetest little lady. There is also the chef, who has made nothing but perfectly cooked meals for the past week. I can’t imagine prepping and cooking all that food while rocking around on a moving sailboat. But low and behold, out come lamb chops, steak, fresh seafood and more eggplant dishes than you can even dream of! We love chef, he is a rock star. And then there’s Gerbus, who assists with all of the docking, water toys, serving and any other random task that arises. And of course, the capitan, who gives us a daily run down of the stops we’re going to make.


Typically, we spend a few hours in the morning (after the breakfast of course) sailing around or moving to a new island. This is the perfect time for sunbathing in the hot and steamy sunny. But with the boat moving and the wind blowing, I’ve managed to stay pretty cool. Around lunchtime, we have either arrived in a new port or anchored in a quiet bay to enjoy yet another 12 course meal. That’s only a slight exaggeration, as every meal has been family style with at least 5 different appetizer choices, a main course and dessert. There is no tight clothes on this boat! Then in the afternoon, we either swim and play with the water toys, or if in port, get off the boat to explore the local island. Some of the islands have more to offer than others, so its nice that we’re in some places longer than others. Plus, its always something new to explore!


The cocktails usually start flowing around 5 or 6 (no surprise for my family) and we sit down for dinner at 8 every night. We always eat on the back deck which has a huge table that sits all 12 of us comfortably. Getting to watch the sun go down every night while eating a 5 star meal? Honestly, what could be better than that… As I mentioned before, the food has been amazing. I’ve stuffed my face every night and woke up not being able to wait for more. Chef Issa cranks out the tastiest dishes. I think my favorite so far has been the lamb chops, although the baked sea-bass is a close second.


We typically end the night by grabbing drinks in down or playing games together on the back deck. We each have our own cabins, which are roomy and comfortable. Ours actually has a circle bed with a plushy pillow top and sink in pillows. My favorite part however, might be the huge sunflower shower head in our bathroom. Boy does that feel good after a long day of all the strenuous activity we’ve been doing. Oh wait, no strenuous activity has been done… Hehe. Just eating, sunning, touring and relaxing. This is my idea of a vacation!

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Author: Megan Arz

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