Hotel Review: Hotel Lido Mediterranee

I want to give a quick shout out to Hotel Lido Mediterreanee. We had such a wonderful stay at this hotel and for only $150 a night! The staff was so friendly, helpful and nice. I especially liked Mario down in the restaurant. They featured a delicious buffet breakfast daily with American style options, including scrambled eggs and bacon. This is a rarity in Italy, so we were so happy to see that!


The best part, though, was easily the ocean views. We selected the standard ocean room thinking it would just be a room with a window view, nothing too crazy at that price. But we were pleasantly surprised when we had a walk out balcony overlooking the ocean, which was just a few feet in front of the hotel. We were on the forth floor, and could see all the cliffs and bluffs around our bay as well as a surrounding homes and hotels. The black sand beach is directly in front of the hotel. When they say beach access, they mean a private beach that you walk down to from the hotel patio terrace. The hotel is literally on top of the beach. Such an amazing location!


As long as you can bear the heckling walking beach salesman, the beach is absolute perfection. Beach chairs, umbrellas and towels are all included for hotel guests and they set it up all for you. We spent many hours soaking in the rays and taking quick dips in the cold, but pristine waters of Baia Azzurro. This was the first time I had swam in the Mediterranean in a long time, and it felt so good! Thank you so much to the Hotel Lido Mediterreanee for making this a highlight of our trip.



Author: Megan Arz

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