Exploring Bolivia’s Capital — La Paz


Today, we spent the day wandering Bolivia’s capital city. La Paz is in a valley, so the entire city is built up on the slopes of the valley. When we drove in, it was incredible seeing the sprawling red brick city climbing up the mountain and valley walls. It goes as far as the eye can see. Plus, the highest mountain in Bolivia forms the backdrop of the city.

We wandered around the downtown, which has a mix of old European influence and South American confusion. The roads all change names and end randomly and curve around in nonsensical directions, but then the area around the town square is in perfect blocks.

We checked out a musical instrument museum, where they let us test out a bunch of the different instruments. There was even a guitar made out of a tortoise shell! Then we went to the Plaza del Armas, which was FILLED with pigeons, that people were feeding. They would flock to the people with seed and then jump up on their hands and shoulders. So gross..

By this point in the trip, Sam is getting really sick of checking out artisan markets with me. So I spent the afternoon checking out hand crafted jewelry, fabrics and purses, while he went back to the hostel to rest up. I found lots of great jewelry supplies and interesting handicrafts!


Author: Megan Arz

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