Review of Vineyard Tour at Undurraga

What would a trip to Chile be without a wine tour?? The central valley of Chile has grown into one of the largest wine industries in the world, and the quality continues to grow with it. Along the coast there are lots of white wines, while more inland is where you find the reds.

Me, Sam and Dad decided to go on a wine tour at Undurraga, one of the oldest vineyards in Chile. Only an hour outside the city, this was a great little half day tour. It started with us wandering through the vineyards while listening to our tour guide describe the process of growing the grape plants. At this particular vineyard, they grow about 3 million grape vines with many acres of land, but each plant takes about 25 years to mature. We got to sample the grapes off the plants and touch the leaves and everything.


Then we wandered into the distillery and fermentation area. This had huge vats of wine fermenting at various temperatures and smelled very strongly of wine. We even got to see them emptying one of the vats to aerate the wine. Then we toured the cellar. Usually the most picturesque part of the tours, it did not disappoint. There were several different rooms filled with barrels and barrels of wine. They were all labeled differently based on the type of wine, year and area it came from. Then they are left to sit for an extended period of time to enhance and develop the flavor.

And finally came the sampling, everyone’s favorite part of the tour! We got to try 4 different wines of Undurraga, 2 whites and 2 reds. This region of Chile has a special type of wine that is hard to find anywhere else: Carmenere. So that was great to try that as well as the other varieties. We had a great morning at the vineyard, and walked away with a few bottles of our own and very content :)

Author: Megan Arz

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