Semester at Sea Olympics

The Sea Olympics. A long Semester at Sea tradition. It’s a shipwide, day-long competition between all the seas onboard. All the students are divided up into Seas (Caribbean, Aegean, Red, etc.) which are essentially like our halls/houses. Every sea is given a color and can feel free to make up their own slogan or whatnot. I live in the Caribbean Sea, black is our color, and we go by the Pirates (play off the movie, duh!). There’s a lot of spirit going around at this in the voyage, because the sea to win gets a free dance party with unlimited drinking access and first departure off the ship in San Diego. It’s a pretty coveted prize!

Last night we had our Pep Rally for the Olympics, which are set to take place this Thursday. I’ve really been missing school spirit since I’m not there for football season, but this was a fun alternative. Everyone dressed in their colors and sat with their sea. Each sea put on a skit to represent their sea. Our was about the Pirates of the Caribbean, and how we were going to conquer the 7 seas of our competition. There were some other really clever raps and songs that had many play of words and popular American songs. Everyone was so excited at the pep rally, and the roar of our vuvuzelas bought in South Africa drowned out the competition’s cheering.

There are many events in the Olympics, including volleyball, tug of war, speed sudoku, relay races, jeopardy, and many more. It’s going to be such a fun day. Since my coordination and athletic ability are laughable, I will be participating in the more intellectual based events.


The day of the actual events was sooooo much fun. It has been my favorite day on the ship thus far. We started the games with an opening ceremonies, where each sea marched into the union doing a chant and dance. Since our sea’s color is black, we came in doing the dance from remember the titans, chanting “too black, too strong. Go, go pirates. P-I-R-A-T-E-S.” I competed in 3 events during the day: Sudoku, SAS Jeopardy and Dean David Says (aka simon says). Our team led the entire game for Jeopardy, but then didn’t bet enough on the final question and wound up in 4th. Sudoku was sooo incredibly hard, they must have given us all 5 stars because not one person finished and they had to throw out the event. And in Dean David Says, I was legitimately the first person out of the whole game. The first time he didn’t say Dean David Says, I got out. Way to go Meg.

But our sea was doing so well overall. Our score kept flipping between us and another sea, the Aegean. So at the closing ceremonies, no one knew who would come out on top. They’d keep saying the individual winners of the events, and we had no idea what the overall score would be. But when it got to the final countdown, our sea wound up winning the whole competition!! It was such an exciting moment. Everyone in our sea jumped out of their chairs and started going crazy. We were all chanting and screaming. It reminded me of when the Badgers score a touchdown or return a kickoff. So much energy!! For winning, we get to have a private party in November and will be the first kids off the ship and through customs. Even though the prizes are pretty sweet, I just really enjoyed the entire games. Everyone was so into the spirit of the competition and I feel a lot closer to my sea members after it. Overall, really enjoyed the SAS tradition and everything it entailed.

Author: Megan Arz

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