Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro Continued

After leaving the jungle and cloud forest environment, we have arrived in the high altitude desert type climate. Since Kili is a volcano, much of the environment higher up the mountain is ash or volcanic rock. It looks very other worldly and barren, but in a beautiful way. The altitude is still not having too much effect on me, although the other day, we climbed up to 15,000 feet, then came back down to 13,000 in an attempt to acclimatize. When we started coming back down, I had a splitting headache and went to bed immediately when we got to camp. But I woke up the next morning with no problems.

The other night we experienced a nasty overnight wind storm. The wind gusts were so extreme after the sun went down, an estimated 50-70 mph. Really intense. They were strong they woke me up from my sleep. We had to take down all of our tents except for the sleeping tents for fear they would blow away. But everything turned out fine and I am totally ok.

We also had a climb up the Boronco Rock Wall the other day, which I am told is the toughest day of the trek. We were essentially climbing up a sheer rock face, hopping over boulders and walking single file. It was incredibly steep and we need to clip in to rock climbing gear at some points, but once we reached the top, we got an AMAZING view of the snow covered peak. It made it all worth it!

Author: Megan Arz

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