Arrival in Tanzania

After a longggg day of flying (over 18 hours in the air, and 3 different flights) I have arrived in Moshi for the beginning of my climb. I was met by my tour organization, Tusker Travels, at the airport and they took me to our hotel. It was a comfortable hotel in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. In the morning, I met my fellow climbers. They are a father (Dan) and son (Phil) duo from Iowa, the father is 59 and the son 27. They seem really nice and are very welcoming, so I look forward to climbing with them. Plus Dan is a pharmacist, so he has a walking pharmacy in case we have any problems on the mountain!

We also met with our tour guides today, and learned a little bit more about the trek. We received a detailed map and itinerary of our journey and went over some safety procedures. I also learned that we have 19!! porters to help us up the mountain. They will be setting up camp for us and doing all of the cooking during the trek. This is quite the posh climbing experience, but its reassuring to know that everything will proceed smoothly. Aside from my own personal challenges, I expect the trek to go fairly smoothly.

Author: Megan Arz

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